The Work of Charles Dickens

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Barnaby Rudge

Barnaby Rudge was actually the first novel that Dickens planned on writing. But maybe it's a good thing that didn't work out. One biographer calls Barnaby Rudge. "The least-read — and least-attractive — novel in the Dickens canon.”
Bleak House

Bleak House

Where do the X-Files and literature combine? Bleak House! This novel has the odd distinction of being perhaps the only work of classic literature featuring a character who dies by spontaneous combustion.
David Copperfield

David Copperfield

David Copperfield contains many autobiographical elements from the life of Dickens. Note that even the name of the main character, David Copperfield, has the inverted initials of its author, Charles Dickens.

Dombey and Son

See why one Dickens expert says, “Dombey and Son is the closest Dickens ever came to writing a feminist novel.”

Great Expectations

In Great Expectations Pip, like Dickens himself, dreams of becoming a gentleman. However during the course of the novel Pip comes to realize that there is more to life than wealth and station.
Hard Times

Hard Times

An interesting piece of trivia is that Hard Times is the shortest of all of Dickens's novels.
Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens

Little Dorrit

The Marshalsea debtor's prison plays a large part in Little Dorrit. What very few people knew was that Dickens's father had been sent to Marshalsea for three months.

Martin Chuzzlewit

Martin Chuzzlewit was written after Dickens traveled to America in 1842. The United States left quite an impression on Dickens, a very unfavorable impression.
Our Mutual Friend

Our Mutual Friend

Our Mutual Friend was the fourteenth and last completed novel of Charles Dickens. He began writing it in 1863.
John Jasper and Rosa Bud

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Dickens was working on The Mystery of Edwin Drood when he passed away. How would he have ended the novel?

Nicholas Nickleby

Dickens’s own mother, Elizabeth Dickens, was the model for the always confused, comic Mrs. Nickleby. Luckily for Charles she didn’t recognize herself in the character. In fact she asked someone if they “really believed there ever was such a woman”.

The Old Curiosity Shop

Dickens was traumatized by the death of Little Nell. As he was writing it he felt as though he were experiencing the death of one of his children. It also brought back painful memories of the death of his sister-in-law, Mary Hogarth.
Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

In June of 1837 something happened that only occurred once in Dickens’s career. He missed a deadline. There was no Pickwick. There was no Oliver Twist. Instead there was a funeral.
The Pickwick Papers

The Pickwick Papers

In June of 1837 something happed that only occurred once in Dickens’ career. He missed a deadline. He was writing two serialized novels at once, but there was no Pickwick that month. There was no Oliver Twist. Instead there was a funeral.
Dr Mannette in the Bastille Prison by Phiz

A Tale of Two Cities

The Frozen Deep was the inspiration for A Tale of Two Cities. In 1857 Dickens acted in the play. In addition to giving him the idea for A Tale of Two Cites, the play brought about lasting changes to Dickens's life.
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