Who’s Who in Dombey and Son

Who’s Who in Dombey and Son

This list of characters from Dombey and Son is presented in alphabetical order.

Chick, Louisa – The sister of Mr. Paul Dombey.

“It’s nothing,” returned Mrs Chick. “It’s merely change of weather. We must expect change.”

Cuttle, Captain Edward (Ned) – He is a retired sea captain and a friend of Solomon Gills.

“It’s an old habit of mine, Wal’r,” said the Captain, “any time these fifty year. When you see Ned Cuttle bite his nails, Wal’r, then you may know that Ned Cuttle’s aground.”

Dombey, Florence  – She is daughter of Paul Dombey.  She yearns for the love of her father.  Eventually she marries Walter Gay and reconciles with her father.

But what was a girl to Dombey and Son! In the capital of the House’s name and dignity, such a child was merely a piece of base coin that couldn’t be invested–a bad Boy–nothing more.

Dombey, Paul  – He is The owner of Dombey and Son.  He longs for a son and is very disappointed that his first child is a girl.

Dombey sat in the corner of the darkened room in the great arm-chair by the bedside, and Son lay tucked up warm in a little basket bedstead, carefully disposed on a low settee immediately in front of the fire and close to it, as if his constitution were analogous to that of a muffin, and it was essential to toast him brown while he was very new.

Dombey, Paul Jr. – The son of Paul Dombey.  Young Paul is a sickly child who doesn’t live to adulthood.

Gay, Walter – He is the nephew of Solomon Gills.  He works for Mr. Dombey.  Dombey notices that Walter is a friend to Florence and sends Walter away.  The ship Walter was on is lost however in the end Walter returns and marries Florence.

Gills, Solomon – He is also known as Uncle Sol. He is the owner of a shop named The Wooden Midshipman.  He is the uncle of Walter Gay.

“As I said just now, the world has gone past me. I don’t blame it; but I no longer understand it. Tradesmen are not the same as they used to be, apprentices are not the same, business is not the same, business commodities are not the same. Seven-eighths of my stock is old-fashioned. I am an old-fashioned man in an old-fashioned shop, in a street that is not the same as I remember it. I have fallen behind the time, and am too old to catch it again.” – Uncle Sol

Granger, Edith – She becomes the second Mrs. Dombey.

“There is no wealth,” she went on, turning paler as she watched him, while her eyes grew yet more lustrous in their earnestness, “that could buy these words of me, and the meaning that belongs to them. Once cast away as idle breath, no wealth or power can bring them back. I mean them; I have weighed them; and I will be true to what I undertake.” – Mrs. Dombey (Edith Granger)

Nipper, Miss Susan – Florence’s nurse

“My comfort is,” said Susan, looking back at Mr. Dombey, “that I have told a piece of truth this day which ought to have been told long before and can’t be told too often or too plain . . . “

Uncle Sol – see Gills, Soloman

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