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The Marriage of Charles Dickens

A man orders a bracelet for his mistress. It's mistakenly sent to his home where his wife discovers it. Sounds like a romance novel doesn't it? But it really happened to Charles Dickens.

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Daily Dose of Dickens

Visit the Daily Dose of Dickens every day for a new quote. Through the 14th the Daily Dose will feature some of the most popular love quotes by Dickens.

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Timeline of Events in the Life of Charles Dickens

February 7th marks the anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. View a timeline of other noteworthy events in his life.

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Who's Who in Great Expectations

This list of characters from Great Expectations is presented in alphabetical order. The list includes Compeyson, Joe, Estella, Miss Havisham and more.

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Dickens Character Match Quiz

Which character goes with which novel? This is a matching quiz for the true Dickens expert!

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Inspector Francis J. Dickens

Learn about Inspector Francis J. Dickens, the son of Charles Dickens who joined Canada's Mounted Police.

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