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Gad's Hill Place

One day in 1821, when Dickens was 9, he and his father took a walk through Kent. On Gravesend Road they passed a house called Gad's Hill Place. Young Charles was very impressed. Thirty-five years later Dickens bought the house that so impressed him as a child.

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Dickens Character Match Quiz

Which character goes with which novel? This is a matching quiz for the true Dickens expert!

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Timeline of Events in the Life of Charles Dickens

View a timeline of noteworthy events in the life of Charles Dickens.

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List of Works by Charles Dickens

What exactly did Dickens write? See a list of novels and short stories by Dickens.

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Random Charles Dickens Quote

What quote will you get? Check out the Charles Dickens random quote generator. It pulls quotes from one of the largest collections of Dickens quotes anywhere.

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This work of historical fiction begins with the Staplehurst railway accident. Dickens had a brush with death on that day. Dan Simmons paints a horrific picture of the accident. Then he adds a little something to the mix. That something is named Drood.

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