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Dora Spenlow and David, characters in Charles Dickens' David Copperfield.

David Copperfield

David Copperfield contains many autobiographical elements from the life of Dickens. Note that even the name of the main character, David Copperfield, has the inverted initials of its author, Charles Dickens.

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Timeline of Events in the Life of Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was born in 1812 and died in 1870. View a timeline of noteworthy events in his life.

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Charles Dickens and Copyright Laws

Copyrights are big news today, but they were also big news in Dickens's time. Learn about his fight for international copyright laws.

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Charles Dickens Quiz - Opening Lines to the Novels of Charles Dickens

We added a game for the Dickens aficionado! Here you’ll find the first lines of ten of Dickens’s works. You’re given three choices for each of the starting lines. It’s fun, but it’s challenging!

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Random Charles Dickens Quote

What quote will you get? Check out the Charles Dickens random quote generator. It pulls quotes from one of the largest collections of Dickens quotes anywhere.

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Charles John Huffman Dickens was born in Portsmouth in the year 1812. He wrote classic novels like Great Expectations, David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol and more. This site features articles about the life and work of Charles Dickens. It’s also home to the largest collection of Dickens quotations on the web as well as the Daily Dose of Dickens, a daily quote from the work of Dickens.