Heart Quotes by Charles Dickens

Heart Quotes

It's a poor heart that never rejoices. ~ Barnaby Rudge - Share this Quote

Barnaby Rudge Quotes

Young as I was, I believe that I dated a new admiration of Joe from that night. We were equals afterwards, as we had been before; but, afterwards at quiet times when I sat looking at Joe and thinking about him, I had a new sensation of feeling conscious that I was looking up to Joe in my heart. ~ Great Expectations - Share this Quote

"But as she grew, and promised to be very beautiful, I gradually did worse, and with my praises, and with my jewels, and with my teachings, and with this figure of myself always before her, a warning to back and point my lessons, I stole her heart away, and put ice in its place." ~ Great Expectations - Share this Quote

"Many a gentleman lives well upon a soft head, who would find a heart of the same quality a very great drawback." ~ Barnaby Rudge - Share this Quote

He knew enough of the world to know that there is nothing in it better than the faithful service of the heart. ~ A Tale of Two Cities - Share this Quote

"A new heart for a New Year, always!" ~ The Chimes: A Goblin Story - Share this Quote

"It is because I think so much of warm and sensitive hearts, that I would spare them from being wounded." ~ Oliver Twist - Share this Quote

Oliver Twist Quotes

"My heart is set, as firmly as ever heart of man was set on woman. I have no thought, no view, no hope in life, beyond her; and if you oppose me in this great stake, you take my peace and happiness in your hands, and cast them to the wind. " ~ Oliver Twist - Share this Quote

There are chords in the human heart--strange, varying strings--which are only struck by accident; which will remain mute and senseless to appeals the most passionate and earnest, and respond at last to the slightest casual touch. ~ The Old Curiosity Shop - Share this Quote

Upon the purple tree-tops far away, and on the green height near at hand up which the shades were slowly creeping, there was an equal hush. Between the real landscape and its shadow in the water, there was no division; both were so untroubled and clear, and, while so fraught with solemn mystery of life and death, so hopefully reassuring to the gazer's soothed heart, because so tenderly and mercifully beautiful. ~ Little Dorrit - Share this Quote

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