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"Oliver Twist has asked for more!" ~ Oliver Twist (Share this Quote)

The education of Mr. Jonas had been conducted from his cradle on the strictest principles of the main chance. The very first word he learnt to spell was "gain" and the second (when he got into two syllables), "money". But for two results, which were not ~ Martin Chuzzlewit (Share this Quote)

Skewered through and through with office-pens, and bound hand and foot with red tape. ~ David Copperfield (Share this Quote)

Being that rare sort of old girl that she receives Good to her arms without a hint that it might be Better and catches light from any little spot of darkness near her. ~ Bleak House (Share this Quote)

"Why, what I may think after dinner," returns Mr. Jobling, "is one thing, my dear Guppy, and what I may think before dinner is another thing." ~ Bleak House (Share this Quote)

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