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How familiar are you with Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens? Take this 10-question quiz to find out.

Select the correct answers by using the drop down menus. Once you’re done, press Grade the Quiz to see your score!  The incorrect answers will be checked.

Keep in mind that this quiz is based on the book Oliver Twist and not any of the movies, musicals or television programs that have been made from the book.

1. The Artful Dodger’s real name is  ______.


2. Mr. Sowerberry is ____.


3. Bill Sikes’s dog is named ______.   


4. At the end of the book it’s revealed that Monks is _______.   


5. Who says he’s going to eat his own head?   


6. Who gets shot when attempting to rob the Maylie house?   


7. _____ is Mrs. Maylie’s butler.   


8. Bill Sikes _______ at the end of the novel.


9. At the end of the book it’s revealed that Miss Rose is _______.   


10. Who is not a character in Oliver Twist?   

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