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Change begets change. Nothing propagates so fast. ~ Martin Chuzzlewit (Share this Quote)

It was one of those hot, silent nights, when people sit at windows listening for the thunder which they know will shortly break; when they recall dismal tales of hurricanes and earthquakes; and of lonely travellers on open plains, and lonely ships at sea, struck by lightning. ~ Martin Chuzzlewit (Share this Quote)

"My meaning is, that no man can expect his children to respect what he degrades." ~ Martin Chuzzlewit (Share this Quote)

Martin Chuzzlewit Quotes

"A man can well afford to be as bold as brass, my good fellow, when he gets gold in exchange!" ~ Martin Chuzzlewit (Share this Quote)

Why should I disguise what you know so well, but what the crowd never dream of? We companies are all birds of prey; mere birds of prey. The only question is, whether in serving our own turn, we can serve yours too; whether in double-lining our own nest, we can put a single living into yours. ~ Martin Chuzzlewit (Share this Quote)

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