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Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens

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"I have heard it said that as we keep our birthdays when we are alive, so the ghosts of dead people, who are not easy in their graves, keep the day they died upon." ~ Barnaby Rudge (Share this Quote)

Barnaby Rudge Quotes

It's a poor heart that never rejoices. ~ Barnaby Rudge (Share this Quote)

Barnaby Rudge Quotes

The men who learn endurance, are they who call the whole world, brother. ~ Barnaby Rudge (Share this Quote)

With them who stood upon the brink of the great gulf which none can see beyond, Time, so soon to lose itself in vast Eternity, rolled on like a mighty river, swollen and rapid as it nears the sea. ~ Barnaby Rudge (Share this Quote)

Indeed this gentleman's stoicism was of that not uncommon kind, which enables a man to bear with exemplary fortitude the afflictions of his friends, but renders him, by way of counterpoise, rather selfish and sensitive in respect of any that happen to be ~ Barnaby Rudge (Share this Quote)

"There are talkers enough among us; I'll be one of the doers." ~ Barnaby Rudge (Share this Quote)

Barnaby Rudge Quotes

The serjeant was describing a military life. It was all drinking, he said, except that there were frequent intervals of eating and love-making. A battle was the finest thing in the world—when your side won it—and Englishmen always did that. ~ Barnaby Rudge (Share this Quote)

Everything was fresh and gay, as though the world were but that morning made. ~ Barnaby Rudge (Share this Quote)

"I have been taught to look upon those means, by which men raise themselves to riches and distinction, as being beyond my heeding, and beneath my care. I have been, as the phrase is, liberally educated, and am fit for nothing." ~ Barnaby Rudge (Share this Quote)

It was on one of those mornings, common in early spring, when the year, fickle and changeable in its youth like all other created things, is undecided whether to step backward into winter or forward into summer. ~ Barnaby Rudge (Share this Quote)

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