Bleak House Picture Scramble

“No, my young friend,” says Chadband smoothly, “I will not let you alone. And why? Because I am a harvest-labourer, because I am a toiler and a moiler, because you are delivered over unto me and are become as a precious instrument in my hands. My friends, may I so employ this instrument as to use it to your advantage, to your profit, to your gain, to your welfare, to your enrichment! My young friend, sit upon this stool.”

Press the shuffle button and watch the picture become scrambled.  See if you can put it back together.  Click a piece next to the blank space and watch it move into the blank space.


Please wait – initializing script

Shuffle, then click to move the pieces

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Character List for Bleak House

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Bleak House

Bleak House

Bleak House dramatizes the flaws in the British Court of Chancery.  The novel also has the odd distinction of being perhaps the only work of classic literature featuring a character who dies by spontaneous combustion.